Who are we?

We are the ones who want people to read more good books because reading is useful.

This is the way we see the mission of our activity.

Our favorite authors are Irina Yankina, Victoria Davydova and many others.

Oddly enough, but we are not indifferent to the intellectual DNA of our generation and our children. Nowadays, people read little and we don’t like it.

Why should people read books? Well, let’s name the following reasons:

“Books are ships of thought wandering along the waves of time and carefully carrying their precious cargo from generation to generation.” Bacon F.

“All kinds of rudeness melt away like on fire under the influence of daily reading of good books.” Hugo V.

Are you convinced?

If so, good!

If not, then read the article on why reading books is important.

If we still haven’t convinced you to start reading books, we won’t get upset, but we’ll keep trying.

If you are somehow affected by this information you can write us a letter. Moreover, you can write to us for any reason.

Have a good day.