15 books that make you want to live

Books after which you want to live book, like a word, can heal or kill. A work that gives a new taste to life is priceless. The fates of millions of people have been changed for the better by reading just some 100-200 pages. At the same time, the book, the author of which is disappointed in life, leaves its “followers”: dissatisfied, with pain in the soul, hating the very fact of being.

Sometimes the book makes you wonder what life is: a precious gift from the Creator or unbearable torture. Everyone will answer in their way, and everyone will be right in their way. However, the one who chooses happiness will never be the loser.

All-conquering optimism

Life is just a game, whether we like it or not. Don’t take her too seriously. And if it is impossible to refuse the game itself, then you can always establish your own rules.

“Pollyanna” E. Porter

Pollyanna Porter Seeing the positive in everything seems strange to many. Can a little girl consider herself lucky to be left an orphan, being sent to be raised by a not-too-friendly aunt? Pollyanna succeeded. After the death of her father, the girl had to live with her mother’s sister, who was completely unwilling to raise her niece. Aunt Polly, guided by a sense of duty, still leaves the girl with her, but immediately establishes a boundary between herself and Pollyanna. The vitality and optimism of the girl change not only the life of the smallest orphan but also the people around her.

“Yes Man” by D. Wallace

The protagonist of Danny Wallace refused everything and everything, believing that it was more rational. His life was insipid and colorless, people did not like him, and the girl left him. Everything changed by a chance meeting on the bus when a mysterious stranger said 3 magic words…

“Ice and fire”

Ice and fire Ray Bradbury How long does it take for a person to enjoy life? 80, 90, or 100 years old? Or maybe this is not enough? Ray Bradbury concluded that it is not the quantity, but the quality of the years lived that matters. The talented writer imagined that one day a catastrophe would occur on the planet that would change the natural conditions. The duration of human life will be no more than 8 days. The heroes of Bradbury do not expect an imminent death. They live “to the fullest”: they study, fall in love, get married, get jealous, leave offspring, and even fight. These people live tens and hundreds of lives in just 8 days, while their ancestors could not enjoy one in 70-80 years.

change my destiny

We run through life without noticing that we are moving in the opposite direction from our happiness. Random encounters make you stop and think. Looking from the outside often helps to see the right path.

“You changed my life”

You changed my life Abdel Sellou tries to answer the question: which of the two main characters is happier – an unemployed immigrant or a wealthy French aristocrat? At first glance, the answer is obvious. However, money and a high position in society do not make a paralyzed rich man happy. He needs a kindred soul with whom he can share all the sorrows and joys. In turn, the emigrant is looking for more than just a rich patron in his new homeland. He wants to find someone who will see him as his equal. Only after meeting, do two dissimilar people finally find their long-awaited happiness.

The joys of life

The little joys of life are pearls collected on a string of being. The happiest of us is the one with the most pearls on a string. A person who has spent his life chasing high social status and wealth notes with horror at the end of his journey that his thread has remained empty.

“My family and other animals”

Gerald Durrell will be able to convince his reader that life can be interesting not only for people. In animals, it is sometimes even more interesting. The naturalist writer spent his childhood on the island of Corfu. Childish curiosity forced little Gerald to observe the world of animals. As an adult, Darrell decided to introduce other people to the world of “our smaller brothers”. Animal life seems chaotic and illogical to us. Meanwhile, they also have their own rules and laws, maybe even customs and traditions.

“The Sailor’s Song”

Ken Kesey has not pleased his fans for many years. But this time has not been wasted. The writer was in a creative search. As a result, a wonderful song was written about harsh Alaska, about its hardworking inhabitants. Few readers are familiar with this magnificent region. People living in more favorable conditions rarely appreciate what is given to them, complaining about trifles. The inhabitants of Alaska enjoy every warm day. Their guiding star is an indomitable desire to live.

“Manyunya” by N. Abgaryan

Manyunya Abgaryan The happiest moments often remain in childhood. The child does not know the unpleasant sides of this world, which makes him truly happy. The story about girlfriends Many and Nara is an occasion to remember the best years of your life. Numerous relatives of the main character constantly “get stuck” in the most unexpected situations. Narine Abgaryan is convinced that life without adventures is uninteresting. Perhaps, many readers will find this book childishly naive and suitable only for children of primary school age. The author will not argue with such readers. But being carried away by reading serious books, do not forget that every adult comes from childhood.

“Standing Under the Rainbow”

A Rainbow is a symbol of joy and fulfillment of desires. To make the dream come true, you need to stand under the rainbow and think about what you want most. There is only one problem: how to get to the seven-color arc because it is nothing more than a beautiful mirage? Is it worth wasting your life chasing mirages?

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Imagine that you are in a small town. You know every inhabitant here. You know how each family lives. At the same time, you do not get tired of watching people you know well. Their life, so simple, unpretentious, and full of monotony, hypnotizes the reader and makes him read the book to the end. Fanny Flagg knows how even in boredom and monotony to consider the small delights of life.

Just relax

Even having received everything that the soul aspired to, the rich and influential understands that the most important thing has remained out of reach. The main thing is to relax in time.

“Once We Were Dolphins”

Once we were dolphins author’s fans know his ability to create beautiful and fun worlds. Those who are just starting to get acquainted with the novels of the writer will be happy to discover something new and unusual.

Readers are presented with Terry Pratchett’s book The People, or Once We Were Dolphins. In general, it is aimed at teenagers. But this does not mean that the older generation will not be interested in it. After reading this piercing story, a 40-50-year-old person remembers himself in his youth, in this difficult period of growing up, when a person needs a loving and understanding person next to him. Youth is the time for the emergence of ideals and the need to believe in something.

“The Wooster Family Honor”

Pelham G. Wodehouse wrote a book that can get you out of the deepest depression. The title of the novel evokes associations with something heavy, setting up for a long and tedious reading. But already from the first read pages, it becomes clear: the reader was mistaken in the best sense of the word. The book is recommended to anyone looking for a source of positivity.

“After You” by Jojo Moyes

This book teaches readers and inspires warmth and hope. The book teaches that there is always hope for a positive result. People lose dear loved ones, and the realization of these losses is hard for everyone. A person with thought will look at the situation from the other side, that people live in our lives who leave behind them good and bright memories that have imprinted in our memory for years. Give love to relatives and friends, appreciate relatives, and enjoy life. And it doesn’t matter when they left – 3 months, or 5 years ago, it should be a great happiness to perceive that such people were present in our lives.

Nick Vuychich’s “Life without limits”

The path to a happy life Nick Vuychich is a believer, with incredible fortitude, with a kind and open heart. Nick was born without legs and arms, while he lives a full-fledged busy life; a motivational speaker, he has two higher educations, swims himself, types on a computer, plays golf, does charity work, and travels the world, helping people. The book is about how to overcome the various difficulties of life, about the feeling of hopelessness, to believe in yourself and become a happy person. Nick sees only the positive in the lessons of life. A couple of quotes from the book:

“Live life without limits.” “Failure is seen as a gift from heaven because problems lead people to breakthroughs.” “If it’s not hard to wait for a miracle, create this miracle yourself.”

Jenny Downham’s “While I’m Alive”

The heroine Tessa is sixty years old, the girl knows that she will die soon, and she wants to do as much as possible, making a list of things that the girl wants to do. Tessa is not stopped even by illegal desires. But no one knows how fast cancer will progress. The book makes you think about life. A film based on this book was also made.

John Irving. “Rules of winemakers”

Wilbur Larch is a doctor who works at an orphanage. The hero gives himself to children left without parental love. Before the eyes of the man, many victims of clandestine abortions died, and contrary to the law, he took on the mission of saving women and children. Women who decided to give birth left the child in the shelter of Dr. Cedar. The characters in this work are bright, sometimes funny, and even frightening. Each of the main ones is a personality with a strong character. A heavy, but touching story imbued with sympathy for everyone, the details of the characters are vividly and convincingly written. I recommend reading.

Elizabeth Gilbert. “Eat Pray Love”

The book is filled with sensations and vivid descriptions, study, and self-knowledge. The heroine Liz, not wanting to put up with the current situation of divorce from her husband, the girl turned her life upside down. She left for Italy in search of gastronomic pleasures – there are. Then I tried to find faith in India – to pray, and in Bali, to Indonesia, I wanted to find harmony between the previous two elements – to love. From a depressive and dull Liz, the heroine turned into a charming, self-loving, attractive, harmonious woman. The book is about how to find joy where you do not expect it, and how to look for happiness where there is no happiness.

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Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
3 months ago

I admire the story of Nick Vuychich, for me, it is something incredible when a person in such a state can create at all, let alone be a dreamer and possess a mindset that not even 10% of people on earth possess. For me, this is just a person whom I completely admire, and who gives strength to live and affirms that even when you think that there are problems in your life, in fact, everything is great and your most serious problems can be a reality for someone every day! I admire, I am proud, I applaud!