Essay on patriotism, patriotism in Ukraine

“I want to stay in Ukraine, help people, teach others, help others because I am Ukrainian”

Being Ukrainian is not embroidered shirts, t-shirts with a coat of arms, and a flag, Ukrainians believe.  Love for the Motherland, together with the desire to help others, is the key to the country’s prosperity.  Ukrainians are strong people, people who united as one supporting each other.

What is patriotism?

Everyone will quickly answer this question: patriotism is love for one’s Motherland.  But if we continue the dialogue and ask what it means to love Motherland, the answer will not be so clear.  Patriotism is one of the fundamental values ​​of human society during all periods of historical development.  The prerequisites for the formation of patriotism appear in primitive society and are associated with attachment to the family, clan, tribe, one’s land, and respect for family deities and ancestors.  Patriotism has never been a static, frozen concept.  In no nation, in no time.  And even more so – in Ukraine, which is creating a nation, so to speak, “in the course of history”, during trials.

The meaning of patriotism

We usually call our country Motherland.  This proves once again that we should have the same love for our country as we have for our mother.  After all, our country is no less than a mother;  it nourishes us and helps us grow.  Everyone should possess the virtue of patriotism because it makes him better.  In addition, it improves the quality of life of citizens.  He does this by forcing people to work for the collective interests of the country. 

When everyone works for the good of the country, there will be no conflict of interest.  Thus, a happier environment will prevail.  After that, peace and harmony will be maintained by patriotism.  When citizens have a spirit of brotherhood, they will support each other.  So, it will make the country more harmonious.  In a word, patriotism is of great importance for the development of the country.  This removes any selfish and harmful motives, which in turn reduces corruption.  Likewise, when the government becomes free from corruption, the country will develop faster.

It is necessary to cultivate a sense of patriotism

In the past, especially during the British rule, many people came forward to instill a sense of patriotism among their countrymen.  Patriots held meetings, gave lectures, and used various other means to inspire the people around them.  In the same way, the feeling of patriotism must be cultivated among the younger generation today.  This should be done when they are still small.  Schools and colleges should take the initiative to instill in children a sense of love and respect for their country.  Many establishments host events and organize events on August 15 and January 26.  Patriotic songs are sung, and a feeling of patriotism seems to sweep over the whole nation about this time.  But is this true patriotism?  No!  Such an atmosphere should be created in general, and not only around these special dates.  That’s when such a feeling will forever be embedded in the heart of every citizen.

A person’s patriotism should bring benefit to his Motherland.  The country should have intelligent politicians, outstanding artists, talented scientists, athletes and ordinary people who, first of all, will take care of their Motherland.  We build, work, learn, create, invent, decorate, win.  When everyone succeeds in his life, he will thereby help create the success of the entire country.  This, in my opinion, is true patriotism.  The great sons and daughters of our state: Volodymyr Veliky, Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Vasyl Stus, Serhii Korolev, Yana Klitschko, Anna Bezsonova and many others — made their patriotic contribution to the development and glorification of our country.

People’s attitude to patriotism

But not everyone perceives patriotism as a grateful attitude.  If the country is immersed in social injustice, lawlessness, political chaos, if it is impossible to work and engage in creativity, then some people leave the Motherland and look for happiness on the side.  And although love for their native land remains in their hearts, they are unable to do anything for its well-being.

Every person has a sense of patriotism, but above all, we should all do something good and important for our country.  However, any feelings must be mutual.  And each of us wants to feel that our Motherland needs him as well.  Only then will he contribute to its prosperity with great enthusiasm.

A nation where the youth love their country and strive to improve its socio-economic condition will certainly develop better.

A true patriot is one who works hard for the good of his country.  He contributes to the betterment of his country in every way.  A true patriot not only works to build his nation but also inspires others to do so.

Ukrainians’ inspired defense of their country against Russian aggression is one of the most striking manifestations of strong nationalism in recent times.

What the Ukrainians are demonstrating can be seen in the context of a broader model of nationalism that shapes domestic and international politics in most countries of the world.  The roots of nationalism are very old and include the consolidation of the European nation-state in the 17th century and the concept of mass commitment to the nation-state that arose out of the French Revolution.  Nationalism has emerged recently and clearly as the dominant way people think about their identities and loyalties after the dark effects of supranational empires (of which the Soviet Union was one of the last) and the supranational conflict known as the Cold War have faded.

Nationalism in other countries is important to the United States, but it is important to distinguish between two different types of ideologies that have carried labels containing the word nationalism.

One type is often called ethnonationalism, or another name that includes ethnic, racial, or religious identity as the focus of an ideology.  This type is not based on a nation-state or patriotic attachment to a nation-state.  Instead, it usually asserts the superior position of a demographic group within the nation-state.  In this respect, it is more exclusive than inclusive.  At times, its adherents go beyond international borders to make common cause with those who share similar ideas of alienation, which concerns some nativists today.

Are human rights respected in Ukraine?

Human rights in Ukraine is a very difficult topic even in 2018, Ukraine was called a partially free country, so people in this country still have their rights and are not dependent

Does Ukraine have freedom?

Ukraine was in 96th place out of 180 countries listed in the 2020 World Press Freedom Index, having returned to top 100 of this list for the first time since 2009, but dropped down one spot to 97th place in 2021, is characterized as being in a “difficult situation”.

Where is Ukrainian nationalism from?

The origins of modern Ukrainian nationalism are also traced to the 17th-century Cossack uprising against the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Ukrainians are people who are patriots of their country and they really love it and are ready to fight for their land

Are there American veterans in Ukraine?

Yes, we are American veterans, united both by common military experience and common Ukrainian heritage.  We created a national network of veterans

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