“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”: a summary of the work

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer short summary of the storyline of the most famous works of Mark Twain and tells about the childhood of an ordinary American boy Tom Sawyer. The protagonist of the book lives in a small town with his aunt Polly, who is raising her nephew after her sister’s death. The family in which Tom is brought up is quite prosperous. The boy is always full, dressed, and regularly attends school. However, this is not enough for a little prankster to be happy. Tom longs for adventure, which he reads so much about.

Sawyer has a close friend, Huckleberry (Huck) Finn, the son of a homeless alcoholic. The inhabitants of the town forbid their children to play with Huck. According to adults, the boy can teach their children bad things, because Huck does not go to school, sleeps in an empty barrel, and smokes a pipe. Sawyer is not embarrassed by his friend’s antisocial behavior. Huckleberry for Tom is the epitome of romance, which he reads about in books.

The protagonist of the novel falls in love with a girl named Becky (Rebecca) Thatcher. Tom is trying in every possible way to impress his beloved. However, Becky stubbornly ignores him. Sawyer proposes an engagement to Becky, but after an argument, they break up. Then Tom decides to become a pirate. In search of adventure, Huck and Tom go to the cemetery at night, where they witness a fight between Muffy Potter, Injun Joe, and Dr. Robinson. The fight ended in a murder. The boys take an oath never to talk about what they saw that night.

There is a lot of talk in town about the murder that Tom and Huck witnessed. Sawyer feels depressed because he knows the name of the killer. Aunt Polly thinks her nephew is ill and tries to cure him. Tom continues to attend school and be a diligent student. He wants Becky to notice him but does not get her favor. Then the idea of ​​becoming a pirate returns to Tom again. Brave friends build a raft and set sail. The journey ends on a deserted island where the “pirates” decide to settle. Residents of the city consider the children drowned. Returning, friends get to their own funerals. Tom Sawyer becomes a hero, which returns the favor of his beloved.

Tom SawyerDuring the school holidays, Becky’s parents took the girl out of the city. Tom got measles. Having recovered, the boy does not know what to do and wanders along an empty street. Sawyer again managed to become a hero by speaking at the court. The boy tells the whole truth about what he saw in the cemetery on the night of the murder. Thus, Tom managed to save Muffy Potter from punishment. Because Potter was an alcoholic, many believed he was the culprit. However, now that justice has been served, Tom fears the revenge of Injun Joe. But gradually the fear disappears, and in search of new adventures, Tom and Huckleberry go to look for treasure. Treasures have been found. Friends decided to hide them. Then the boys unsuccessfully try to find gold in the hotel room where Injun Joe lives.

Becky is back in town. The girl’s parents arrange a luxurious holiday on the steamer. Tom and Becky secretly leave the party and hide in caves, where they subsequently get lost. On the ship, they try in vain to find the missing children. Tom and Becky are running out of food. Sawyer is forced to go in search of a way out. The boy notices the light. Coming closer, Tom discovers that it is the light from the flame of a candle held in the hands of an Indian killer. The boy runs away from Joe and finds a way out. When the children finally got out of the cave, they closed the entrance behind them. Now Tom knows where the treasure of the Indian is actually hidden. The boy is sorry for Joe, who died of hunger, which does not prevent the young adventurer from rejoicing that now he and his close friend have become one of the richest residents of their city. Friends dream of creating a gang of noble robbers.

Tom Sawyer

In life

Presumably, the name of the fictional character was borrowed from a real person. While in California, Mark Twain met Thomas Sawyer. At the same time, the real Tom Sawyer is unlikely to become the prototype for the protagonist of the book. In the preface to his work, the author indicates that he created Tom by mixing the characters of three boys with whom he was once closely acquainted. That is why incompatible character traits can be replaced in the main character.

In the book

Tom Sawyer lives in a small provincial town with his aunt, who replaced his mother. The age of the protagonist in the book is not specified. Presumably, he is no more than 14 years old. Tom is boastful, adventurous, and very adventurous. Despite his restlessness, the main character loves to read. The boy likes adventure literature.

Restless Tom wants to bring to life everything he read in books. However, in a small town, it is difficult to find a truly exciting adventure. Sawyer has no choice but to create adventures on his own. Tom is friends with Huckleberry Finn, who is just as adventurous as he is. Huck has no relatives who would look after him, which means that no one will stop his friends from experiencing all the book adventures in reality.

Huckleberry Finn

In life

At first, Mark Twain denied that Huck Finn was based on a real person. However, then the writer admitted that Huckleberry has his own prototype. The man’s name was Tom Blankenship. In his Autobiography, Mark Twain mentions a tramp who lived in his city. The writer speaks of this man as “ill-mannered, unwashed and always hungry.” Tom was unencumbered and the freest man in his city. Despite their destitute life, he always arrived in a state of happiness. Blankenship was distinguished by kindness, responsiveness, and the desire to come to the rescue.

Summary of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or next article is about Mark Twain’s book Our next article is about Mark Twain’s book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which was considered revolutionary at the time because of the position of the author, who opposed slavery and the exploitation of some people by others.

An extraordinary and life-filled biography of Mark Twain, the author of many satirical and humorous stories that brought him worldwide fame and recognition, but not the desired consolation.

Tom had a brother who once helped a black slave escape. The poor Blankenship family could get a good reward if they betrayed a black man. In addition, helping a slave was considered one of the most shameful acts for a white man in the southern states. The nobility of brother Tom inspired Twain even more to create the image of a selfless vagabond.

In the book

Romantic rag

Huck Finn lives on the street. His only relative – the father – does not show the slightest concern for his son. However, Huck is quite satisfied with such a life. Nobody forces him to go to school, do his homework, and wear neat clothes. The boy is absolutely free and happy. Tom Sawyer is one of the few in town who agrees to be friends with a little tramp. For Tom, Huck Finn is, first of all, a true friend and reliable comrade in all his adventures.

The name of the protagonist was borrowed from a berry common in the United States. In the original, the boy’s name is Huckleberry. The second meaning of this word is “an insignificant person”. Which of the values ​​is closer, in this case, is unknown.

Serene childhood

Mark Twain described a carefree, serene childhood in his book. The vast world of a small person has not yet been overshadowed by adult worries. A small town with its boring, once and for all established rules is not at all like the magnificent world in which the main characters live. To create a new reality, you need not only dreams but also the courage to act. Not everyone can afford it. It can be assumed that through Tom and Huck, the author to some extent realized his old childhood dream. Twain, like all his peers, wanted to settle on a desert island, travel by building his own raft, and, of course, find a treasure. Unfortunately, in childhood, all these dreams could not be realized.

Mark Twain wrote his book not only for children. First of all, it is created for adults. Moms and dads are sure that it is enough to give shelter and hearty food to the child. Parents often do not understand the magical world of their children. They see only pranks in his actions and scold him for them. Adults often forget that just 10-15 years ago they themselves were like that.

What does the work of “Tom Sawyer” teach

The author’s work teaches us to be persistent and never give up in difficult life situations. It teaches you to succeed, the book describes that you need to rely on your own strength, see a non-standard solution to various difficult situations, be a strong and courageous person, as well sympathetic and kind to people.

The story of Tom Sawyer shows many qualities of a good person – courage, determination, courage, quick wit. Tom takes life for what it is and stays true to himself, learning to educate himself.

Interesting findings about the book:

  • A true friend is known for trouble.
  • Our parents still love us, no matter how bad we consider ourselves.
  • You should never lose heart and lose hope for the best, believe in yourself.

You need to look only forward in life, see a lot of good in it, not judge people, evaluate them correctly and be able to get along with them, and have your own point of view. be self-reliant and independent. The main idea of ​​this work is the value of friendship. When you feel his support next to the shoulder of a faithful friend, and when you feel bad, you can share your feelings with him, a real friend will definitely help to remove the burden from your shoulders, or at least a small part.

Characteristics of the main characters

The main characters of the work are memories of the author’s childhood feelings, here one can feel the writer’s American dream. Huck complained that he did not know how to live in idleness, Tom answered the guy uncertainly: “But everyone lives like that, Huck.” Mark Twain describes the personal attitude of the heroes to human values, to the value of freedom and mutual understanding between people. Huck is insincere about the state of people while saying to Tom: “It’s just being ashamed of all people.” Childhood was described with good-natured humor, the writer vividly and artistically describes the good qualities of a little person, while hoping that these qualities will be preserved for later life.


The protagonist of the work is a boy who was brought up without parents. The writer does not reveal to the reader where Tom’s parents have gone. It seems that Tom from the street and from the school received these positive qualities in character. Aunt Polly tried to instill in the boy simplified stereotypes of behavior, but such stereotypes will not be useful in life and will not bring success to the boy.

Tom is a positive, mischievous boy. Tom really carries positive qualities. The boy is brave, with a stubborn sense of justice. In various episodes, Tom shows such qualities when difficult life situations occur. Boy Tom is an enterprising person. It remains only to remember the story about the whitewashing of the fence, which this project leads. Tom looks like a natural boy, which captivates the reader. Everyone sees a personal reflection in the boy.


Homeless boy and drunkard. In this story, Huck appears in conversations, such conversations help to characterize the boy’s living conditions. Huck is Tom’s true friend. If Tom is a romantic and a leader in this company, then Huck is a sober mind and life experience, which is also necessary for this tandem. There is a feeling that the author created Huck as the other side of the medal of the little American. In subsequent stories, the character of Huck will be revealed more, readers figuratively mix the image of Tom and Huck, and at the same time receive sympathy.

Becky, Aunt Polly, black Jim, and half-breed Injun Joe

These characters help Tom to reveal positive qualities in the main character in communication. Sincere Love in a girl and pure concern for her beloved in moments of danger. Aunt Polly is trying with all her might to raise Tom as a good citizen of America. Tom treated the Indian incorrectly. But Tom was friends with black Jim, Jim is an indicator of America.

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3 months ago

This book has been interesting to me since I was a child when we studied it at school. In fact, behind children’s problems lies the evolution of the personality of each of the children, because almost all actions that children do in the future become an image of the actions of adults. I like this book very much and reread it every 3 years because it gives me inspiration and a kind of childlike joy and excitement about ordinary things