John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars by John GreenThe Fault in Our Stars is the sixth novel by popular American author John Green. The book was published in 2012, and 2 years later, fans of the novel were able to see its adaptation.

Sixteen-year-old American Hazel Lancaster is ill with thyroid cancer. Due to metastases in the lungs, the girl can only breathe with the help of a special balloon. Hazel hardly leaves the house. Her mother convinced that her daughter is deeply depressed, encourages her to attend a support group. Hazel doesn’t like the idea but attends the group to avoid upsetting her parents. The girl becomes friends with Isaac, who suffers from eyeball cancer, and Augustus Waters (Gus), who lost his leg due to bone cancer. Isaac is just a good friend. Gus Hazel has romantic feelings.

Lancaster has a favorite book, The Royal Affliction. She constantly rereads it and tries to understand how the novel ended. The Dutch writer Pieter van Houten, the author of the book, tells in his work about a girl with cancer. The work has no logical ending. It breaks off in mid-sentence. Hazel sympathizes with van Houten’s heroine, who suffers from the same illness as herself. The girl offers to read the book to Gus. The young man does not share the enthusiasm of his girlfriend, but very soon reconsiders his opinion and wants to personally meet with the writer to find out how the story ended.

With the help of a charitable organization, the main characters undertake a trip to the Netherlands. But the meeting with van Houten disappointed friends. The writer rudely insulted Hazel and said that he did not intend to create a sequel to his book.

Despite her great sympathy for Gus, the main character did not have a frank conversation with him for a long time. Hazel learns that Augustus’ ex-girlfriend has died of brain cancer and doesn’t want to hurt him again. Lancaster avoids even kisses. However, Waters admits to his new lover his feelings and receives the expected reciprocity. Gus announces that he will soon die. The latest examination showed that metastases had grown all over his body. The disease returned to him again, never to leave him again. Waters’ parents were opposed to him going to the Netherlands, thus interrupting his treatment. Augustus decided to spend the time allotted to him organizing a trip for his girlfriend.

The Fault in Our Stars After returning home, Hazel visits her friends, watching them suffer. Isaac, who once lost one eye, was forced to agree to the removal of the second. However, the most terrible blow for him was not complete blindness, but the betrayal of his beloved, who left him.

Van Houten learns of Gus’s death. He meets with Hazel to apologize. The girl becomes aware that the image of the main character of the writer’s book was “copied” from his daughter, who died of cancer. Seeing Lancaster for the first time, van Houten was unpleasantly surprised by the similarity between the two girls, which made him act aggressively. Hazel learns that Gus has created several sketches for a sequel to the Dutch writer’s novel. He handed over his notes to van Houten, hoping that he would certainly complete the end of the book.

Character characteristics

Hazel Lancaster

The girl fell ill with cancer at the age of thirteen. Since then, pain and torment have not left her for a single day. The main character’s parents spent all their family savings on their daughter’s treatment. However, prolonging life by a few months is the only thing that doctors have managed to achieve.

Hazel had come to terms with her imminent departure. But the thought that her parents will not be able to bear her death makes her really suffer. The girl demanded to swear that they would never divorce. During a frank conversation, Hazel’s mother admitted that she had long been studying to be a social worker in order to keep herself busy after her daughter’s death.

One of the few joys in Hazel’s life is a book by a Dutch writer. Probably, this stranger, without being sick, can feel what an oncological disease is. Hazel needs an end to the novel. It seems that it is an understatement that still keeps her in this life.

Fate makes the main character an invaluable gift. The girl meets true love. The length of her relationship with Gus is not critical. Some of Hazel’s age will likely live long lives. But not everyone will be given the happiness to know the real feelings that were presented to the main character.

Augustus Waters

Character CharacteristicsBefore losing his leg, Gus led an active lifestyle, playing sports. He had a girlfriend, whom he lost due to the same disease, because of which he was now dying himself. Hazel notes a strange habit in his new acquaintance: he constantly takes a cigarette in his mouth but does not smoke. For Waters, this ritual is full of meaning. When the cigarette is in the mouth, the young man seems to be one step closer to death. However, by not lighting a cigarette, Gus prevents the “killer” from completing its action. For Waters, this is the victory of life over death.

Gus has a phobia that he shares with his cheerleaders. The young man is afraid of oblivion. The real death for him is to be forgotten. The thought that after his departure the indifferent world will continue to exist horrifies him. People will ignore the fact that just recently a young guy named Augustus Waters lived next to them.

main idea

The approach to death makes you look at life with different eyes. Each hero of the novel sums up his short existence, defining his values, which become higher than life itself. For Hazel, only the well-being of her loved one matters. Isaac’s main value lies in true love. Gus concluded that it is not so much the presence of a person in this world that is important, but the memory of this presence.

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Analysis of the work

The novel “The Fault in the Stars”, a summary of which was outlined earlier, is an attempt by the author to draw the attention of modern readers to such a terrible disease of the new century as cancer. This disease does not spare the rich or the poor, the famous or the obscure.

Features of the disease

John Green is not only trying to understand why cancer has become so widespread, but also how to live on for those who have been given a terrible diagnosis. Sudden death makes it impossible to think, to analyze the past years. Slow death makes a person who is still alive feel like he is dead. He seems to be watching this world after leaving it, knowing his doom.

The ability to see the positive, and not just the negative, aspects of impending death can make the last months of life as happy as possible. The main characters of the novel will not be able to fulfill many of the dreams of their childhood. They will not make a successful career, will not create a family, and will not see their grandchildren. At the same time, they do not have to survive the death of their parents, they are not threatened by lonely old age and weakness. They will die in the prime of life, without experiencing loneliness, surrounded by the attention of loved ones. The feeling of imminent death teaches us to appreciate every moment lived, every minute spent without pain.

“The Fault in the Stars” summary Option 2

The protagonist of the work is a sixteen-year-old girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster, who is struggling with the terrible disease of thyroid cancer. Because of this, Hazel became depressed and at the same time lost the desire to go out. It is hard for a mother to watch how her daughter suffers and decides to enroll the girl in a support group for people who are also experiencing this illness. When she came to the first lesson, the girl noticed there was a mysterious guy whose name is Augustus. This young man lost his leg due to cancer. At the lesson, a guy gets acquainted with a girl and immediately finds a relationship. Young people often begin to call up and discuss their favorite books.

Augustus began to tell his own opinion about one book, which described the life of a sick girl, and the guy was dissatisfied with the fact that the book did not have an ending. Hazel agreed with the guy, Gus, seeing the support, offered to write to the author of this book for the writer to finish the story. The guy finds the address of that writer and starts to correspond with him, but after such a long correspondence to write, he invites Augustus and Hazel to come to Amsterdam. Even though the girl was burning with the desire to go to the writer, Hazel’s mother was against such a trip, because she was worried about the flight, which could adversely affect the girl’s health, and her parents did not have money for the trip.

Somehow Gus managed to get two tickets to Amsterdam. The parents were surprised by this act and soon changed their minds and allowed their daughter to go to Amsterdam with a boyfriend. When the young people ended up in Amsterdam, they immediately went to a restaurant on invitation, where a declaration of love to each other took place. Soon the lovers went to the writer’s home but were surprised that the writer turned out to be a drunkard. And it turned out that the letters were written not by the author of the book, but by the writer’s assistant. The assistant thought that the guys would help get the writer out of the binge, and then she would continue writing books. However, the writer was very angry when he saw young people in his own house and kicked him out. The guys were disappointed in the writer and were upset by such an act. After this incident, the couple decided to walk around the city and see new places, where young people have their first kiss. Then we went to the hotel where we spent an unforgettable night. Morning Gus told Hazel the bad news that his cancer had returned.

When the guys returned to their hometown, the guy’s health deteriorated, and soon ended up in the hospital. The guy asked his friends to rehearse their funeral and prepare for a farewell speech. When eight days passed, Gus died. That drunkard writer came to the funeral of the protagonist, who said that he did not stop corresponding with Augustus and the last wish of the guy was that the writer comes to the funeral. The writer decided to tell the continuation of the book, but Hazel did not want to listen to the author because of resentment. The writer gave the girl a letter from Gus, which says how the guy loves the girl.

The conclusion is that you should not break down because of the many blows that life has prepared. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle. A person is happy when support is nearby in difficult times. Even terrible diseases are easier to endure when the help of relatives is present. This is a book that you want to re-read and find something new for yourself.


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