Nicholas Sparks’ novel “Hurry to Love”

It’s not always easy for a man to write a tearful love story. As you know, such books are better representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. But despite these prejudices, the books of American novelist Nicholas Sparks full of drama and experience have won the souls of readers around the world, especially for the female half of humanity.

If you want to know how he gets it, be sure to read the novel “Hurry to Love”, which is recognized as one of Nicholas Sparks’ best works. The book captivates with its drama and sincerity. It reveals in all its glory the theme of a real unearthly feeling that arose between two people who went through many tragic trials.

The book takes place in the city of Beaufort. Every year, the protagonist of the novel Landon Carter comes to these regions to indulge in memories of his first love.

“Hurry to love” is a story of mutual understanding and warmth that arose in his youth as the offspring of wealthy parents Landon Carter and the quiet daughter of the pastor of the local parish Jamie Sullivan.

A book about sorrow and joy, about happiness and tragedy. Such a feeling can appear in a person only once in his life and change his fate forever.

Plot development

The main character of the novel Landon Carter is a school favorite. He’s good-looking, his parents are rich and the guy removes his competitors without much tension. Jamie Sullivan, an invisible girl, whose father is a local pastor, goes to school with him. She sings in the church choir, studies well, and goes to drama studio classes.

There is a tragic incident, and Landon becomes its culprit. A guy named Clay wanted to become Carter’s friend, and Landon’s company had a tradition of holding a rite of admission to their community. During this ritual, Clay jumps from the skyscraper of a concrete plant, falls, and hurts his head against the pipe. This is watched by Carter’s friends Walker, Eric, Belinda, Tracy, and Dean. After the incident, they hide from the scene, and Landon helps Clae rise, but later leaves him in the concrete plant. At this time, a police patrol comes here and arrests Carter.

The school principal faces a choice either to kick the guy out of school or to impose severe punishment on him. He chooses the second one and since then Landon’s duties include cleaning the school territory, and on weekends the guy has to study with lagging students and go to the theatre studio.

Because Carter is forced to attend the rehearsals of the play, he increasingly encounters Jamie, who is in the studio quite often and volunteered in her spare time to help lagging schoolchildren with homework. The guy asks the pastor’s daughter to become his partner in the play. Jamie agrees, but on one condition, Landon should not flirt with her. Carter agrees with this demand without hesitation. But the more often a guy and a girl spend time together, the more their mutual affection and sympathy grow. Although they don’t want to admit it.

Because of his bragging, Landon offends Jamie, saying in the presence of his friends that their romance is possible only in a nightmare. After a while, he tries to apologize and take his words back, but the girl is adamant. Their relationship changes during the premiere of the play. Carter saw on stage not a modest excellent student, but a charming, kind, and talented girl. Right on stage, he embraces Jamie and kisses them passionately. It’s all watched by his ex-girlfriend Belinda who brutally ridicules Jamie. After this incident, Landon completely stops communicating with his old company and invites his beloved on a date, where he confesses his love to her.

But not everything is going smoothly as we would like. One day Carter learns that his beloved has an incurable disease – leukemia. But he loves Jamie and knows what will happen to her in the end. To distract her from her illness, Landon decides to fulfill Jamie’s dream and prepares a real surprise for her. He’s building a telescope where you can see the girl’s favorite comet. It was at the moment Jamie was watching this beautiful space object that Landon proposed to her. In addition, the main character goes to his father, with whom he had a conflict after his parent left home, and they reconcile.

The wedding ceremony of young people takes place in the church where the girl’s parents once stood under the crown. Carter’s friends came to the ceremony and decided to reconcile with him and apologized. A happy summer was waiting for the couple in love, after which Jamie passed away.

Four years have passed since then. Landon decided to become a doctor and entered a medical college. One day he came to his native place and came to the father of his late wife. Carter still has Jamie’s wedding ring, he gave it to his late wife’s parents. At the end of the novel, Landon goes to the pier, where he once met his lover, and remembers the best time in his life.

Unknown facts of book creation.

The novel was written after the death of the writer’s sister Daniel Sparks Lewis, who died of cancer. According to many researchers of Nicholas Sparks’ work, she was the prototype of Jamie’s main character. Nicholas Sparks dedicated his romance to her.

The book’s location of Beaufort exists in reality and is located in North Carolina.

The writer’s editor was Jamie Raab, who worked at Warner Books. It was in her honor that Nicholas gave the name to his heroine, and the third son of the writer is Landon.

In Russian, the book was published under another title – “Memorable Walk”, which is a more accurate translation from English.

The comet Jamie wanted to see is called Hyakutake, and its astronomical symbol is called C/1996 B2. She is a long-period comet. In early 1996, this celestial body was discovered by unprofessional astronomer Yuji Hyakutake from Japan.

The film adaptation of the novel

In 2002, film director Adam Shankman made a film based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name “Hurry to Love”.

Several nuances arose during the filming of this picture.

The main role in the film was played by Mandy Moore. In Sullivan’s house on the piano, there are photos of Jamie – these are real pictures of the performer of the role taken in childhood.

The cities of Southport and Wilmington, located in North Carolina, were chosen as the location of the filming. Some details of the interior were borrowed by the creators of the picture from the TV series “Summer of Our Hopes”. This is especially true for Landon’s house, as well as the local hospital and school.

In the novel, the events take place in the late 50s of the last century, the director of the film Adam Shankman decided to postpone the action of the film to the 90s.

In the original scenario in one of the final scenes of the film, during a meeting with Jamie’s father, it was planned to leave the wedding ring, which the main character passes to the pastor, and eventually, it was changed to the diary of Jamie’s late mother.

Shooting process

39 days were spent on the filming process, even though the day shift lasted no more than 10 hours under American law, as the young actress Mandy Moore was not yet 18 years old. Before filming began, Mandy studied with acting teacher Aaron Spacer.

The director of the picture once flashes on the screen in the form of a nurse who carries Jamie’s stroller in the clinic.

Jessica Simpson auditioned for the role of the main character.

After the premiere of the film, there was a talented admirer Mandy Moore, who named the star in her honor.

The performer of the role of Landon Carter Shane West is so used to the car engaged in filming that he eventually bought it for $5,000.

The main characters of the book

Jamie Sullivan is an ordinary believer in God, the daughter of a local priest. Jamie sings in the choir and is fond of acting.

Landon Carter is a high school student, a person with leadership qualities, surrounded by a company of “cool teenagers”.

“Hurry to love” essay

Nicholas Sparks is the author of filmed bestsellers. This book has so few pages and so many feelings. Perhaps these words describe the book so subtly that there is nothing to add. True, the book is small in several pages, which, in principle, is normal for a reader who does not have time to read a larger book. The book is so touching and romantic. Nicholas Sparks purely conveyed the emotional mood of this novel. The book contains kindness, sympathy, loyalty, mercy, Christianity, and romance.

Landon Carter took authority at school. This popularity gave the guy: a rebellious temper, external attractiveness, and a variety of infringements of those who are weaker. It’s not strange that Landon didn’t pay attention to the singing girl in the choir from the priest’s family. An ordinary girl Jamie Sullivan attends a drama club and studies normally at school.

Suddenly, one day, Clay, who wanted to become a member of Landon’s band, almost died. As a sign of devotion, Clay, on Landon’s instructions, is obliged to jump from a height at one concrete plant, so the guy almost turned out to be a tragedy, as the “crashed” wounds his head on the pipe. The company that watched this escaped from the place of what was happening. Landon pulled the guy out of the water and quickly escaped. After that incident, Landon was taken by the police. When the guy stayed at school after class, the principal had to punish the guy for cleaning the school territory. Landon should also study with lagging children in their studies and participate in staged performances.

Landon began to often intersect with Jamie’s inconspicuous girl. The guy asked the girl for help to learn the upcoming role. Jamie agreed and swore not to fall in love with this bully. Soon, with frequent meetings, young people have hatred turns into mutual sympathy, but they do not admit it to each other, but try to hide this fact. The situation began to change gradually, from the moment when Landon kissed Jamie unplanned gently on stage at the premiere of the play. However, when Landon Belinda’s friend saw it, the girl began to make fun of Jamie out of jealousy. Then there was a break with the company where I used to walk.

The date of the beloved young people consisted and it gave rise to a new romantic relationship. Soon the truth about Jamie’s dangerous diagnosis of leukemia is revealed, which does not interfere with further friendship. Landon tried to please the girl in a variety of ways. The guy creates a telescope and showed Jamie the comet, at the same moment the guy proposes his hand and heart to his beloved. Father and Landon decided to measure themselves because he hadn’t talked to his father before when he left his family.

The wedding will take place in the church where the bride’s parents got married in the past. Friends who realize mistakes and are repentant of their actions are present at the ceremony. Landon and Jamie have a happy summer ahead of them because when the summer is coming, the girl will leave this world. After four years of age, the guy goes to college to become a doctor. Having visited Jamie’s father, the father decided to give Landon the diary of his late wife. When the young man returned to the pier, he began to remember the relationship with Jamie that changed the guy.

This work teaches, despite various circumstances, not to betray sincere feelings, because in the end feelings ennoble a person, making it spiritually richer. This soulful work makes you think about the values of life that take place before a person’s eyes, about love. Life may collapse dramatically at an unexpected moment. The work is also about the fact that people are obliged to at least sometimes take care and pay attention to others. Try to be kinder, more responsive, more friendly, and appreciate what you already have, because it can happen so that there will be no time left.

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Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
1 month ago

An inspiring and life-affirming story, with extremely bright colors of emotions and themes that resonate with each of the readers. Before that, I had not read the works of Nicholas Sparks and this one became for me sensual and open, the kind that opens people’s feelings, for me some moments were very sensual and I even cried at some moments! Sometimes it seems to me that the way I think is simply written by the author, we think so similarly. Although at first glance it is something simple and unforced, when you start reading it, you understand that after reading it, there will still be a lot of emotions left!