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Daria Dontsova is a unique Russian author of ironic detective stories. Its target audience is women of all ages and completely different social backgrounds. Her detective stories are full of sparkling humor and intrigue. The plot is captivating and captivating.

All the heroes of her books are herself in various manifestations of character, life situations and hobbies, the most important of which are animals.

It can be said that Daria Dontsova was forced to engage in active writing by a severe oncological disease. It was during her illness that she created her first ironic detective story. This new hobby helped her to overcome a terrible disease and move to a new level in her life.

Daria Dontsova publishes her novels in six series. Different characters, stories and crimes.

The highlight of the works

One thing is invariable – a sharp, exciting plot that makes you read and re-read, again and again marveling at the author’s ability to create his works so brightly and colorfully.

Series of books by Daria Dontsova:

  • “Dasha Vasilyeva. Private Investigator.
  • Evlampia Romanova. The investigation is conducted by an amateur.”
  • Viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions.
  • “Gentleman detective Ivan Podushkin”.
  • “Detective on a diet. Tatyana Sergeeva.
  • “Favorite of Fortune Stepanida Kozlova”.

Dasha Vasilyeva. Who is she?

This is a fairly wealthy woman who lives with a large family and animals in the holiday village of Lozhkino. He makes friends with police colonel Alexander Degtyarev. Very often intersects with him when he sticks his nose into the next investigation.

Dasha Vasilyeva got married many times. Has two children – son Arkady and daughter Manyunya. In the past, she worked as a French teacher, lived in a modest small apartment, lost on the outskirts of Moscow. Everything changes when her friend Natasha turns out to be a rich heiress. And Dasha Vasilyeva begins a new life. List of books in the series “Lover of Private Investigation Dasha Vasilyeva”:

  1. Cool heirs.
  2. For all the hares.
  3. Lady with claws.
  4. Dentists cry too.
  5. This bitter sweet revenge
  6. My husband’s wife.
  7. unclassified materials.
  8. Control kiss.
  9. Pool with crocodiles.
  10. Tired toys are sleeping.
  11. Taking out the case.
  12. Hobby of the ugly duckling.
  13. Aunt Lie’s house.
  14. Ghost in sneakers.
  15. 45 caliber smile.
  16. Benefits of the March cat.
  17. Flying over the turkey’s nest.
  18. Ear from a goldfish.
  19. Toad with a wallet.
  20. Harpy with a propeller.
  21. Dollars of King Peas.
  22. Fireplace for the Snow Maiden.
  23. Extreme on a gray wolf.
  24. Bigfoot stylist.
  25. Compote from the forbidden fruit.
  26. The sky in rubles.
  27. Dossier on baby Che.
  28. Romeo from the high road.
  29. Frog of the Baskervilles.
  30. A personal file of a cat woman.
  31. Metro to Africa.
  32. Face control for the main role.
  33. The third eye is a diamond.
  34. The legend of the three monkeys.
  35. The dark past of the Little Humpbacked Horse.
  36. Checkered zebra.
  37. White horse on the prince.
  38. Mistress of an Egyptian mummy.
  39. Swan Lake Ichthyandra.
  40. Brakes for the prodigal husband.
  41. Soap fairy tale of Scheherazade.
  42. A genius of terrible beauty.
  43. Six acres for Robinson.
  44. Fingers like a Chinese fan.
  45. Honey trip for three.
  46. Miss Marple’s private dance.

Biography of Daria Dontsova – an extraordinary and positive detective writer who knows how to push any life’s hardships into the background and see a lot of beauty and light in life.

In our new article, you will learn about the series that were filmed based on the detective stories of the Russian writer Daria Dontsova, beloved by many readers.

Evlampia Romanova, detective or amateur

Evlampia Romanova, formerly Efrosinya, is pampered, spoiled and did not know real life, the late daughter of an opera singer and a Soviet scientist. Mom gave her in marriage, providing a rich inheritance. Efrosinya graduated from the conservatory in the harp class, led a boring life full of illnesses and did not know anything about the world around her. Until one day her life changed 180 degrees. She found a full-fledged family, learned to cook deliciously and opened a detective agency. List of books in the  “Evlampia Romanova series. The investigation is conducted by an amateur”:

  1. Manicure for the dead.
  2. Shark poker.
  3. The bastard is invisible.
  4. Viper in syrup.
  5. Cannibal’s lunch.
  6. Constellation of greedy dogs.
  7. Cancan at the wake.
  8. Forecast of nasty things for tomorrow.
  9. Walking under the fly.
  10. Fig leaf haute couture.
  11. Kamasutra for Mickey Mouse.
  12. Quasimodo in heels.
  13. No-shpa for three.
  14. Blue pug of happiness.
  15. Princess on Kirieshki.
  16. The lamp is looking for Aladdin.
  17. Love is a carrot and a third extra.
  18. Crazy cap of Monomakh.
  19. Light outrageous figure.
  20. Boutique of iron gloves.
  21. Cinderella in chocolate.
  22. Gentle husband of the oligarch.
  23. Plywood Milos.
  24. Feng Shui without brakes.
  25. Shopping in the air castle.
  26. Marriage contract of a centaur.
  27. Emperor of the village of Gadyukino.
  28. Butterfly in plaster.
  29. Nightlife of my mother-in-law.
  30. A queen without a tower.
  31. In bed with King Kong.
  32. Black list of grandfather Mazai.
  33. Adam costume for Eve.
  34. Good Doctor Aybandit.
  35. Fire extinguisher Prometheus.
  36. Squirrel in a dream and in reality.

Viola Tarakanova

Or just fork. Know German very well. She was married to police major Oleg Kuprin. But then they got divorced.

Now the Fork has moved into the world of fantasies and criminal passions. Writes detective stories under the pseudonym of Arina Violova. List of books from the series “Viola Tarakanova. In the world of criminal passions”:

  1. The devil from the snuffbox.
  2. Three bags of tricks.
  3. A monster without beauty.
  4. Harvest of poisonous berries.
  5. Miracles in a pot.
  6. Test tube skeleton.
  7. Medicine for strabismus.
  8. Golden cockerel fillet.
  9. The chief accountant and half the kingdom to boot.
  10. Concerto for Kolobok and Orchestra.
  11. Hocus-pocus by Vasilisa the Terrible.
  12. Favorite pastimes of Papa Carlo.
  13. Fly on the plane.
  14. Cupcake in the big city.
  15. Helicopter ticket.
  16. Monsters from a good family.
  17. Holidays in Prostofilino.
  18. Winter summer spring.
  19. Happy ending for Desdemona.
  20. Striptease Firebird.
  21. Mumu with scuba diving.
  22. Hot snowman love.
  23. The invisible man in rhinestones.
  24. Flying pretender.
  25. Fairy with golden teeth.
  26. Dowry of a shaggy monkey.
  27. Good Night at the Zoo.
  28. Castle of the Snoring Beauty.
  29. The devil wears bast shoes.
  30. Guide to Lukomorye.
  31. Fan of the naked king.
  32. Nightmare of the Iron Lover.
  33. Husband control button.
  34. Testament of the Christmas duck.

Ivan Podushkin is the only man

He worked in a private detective agency as a secretary, then went on a free voyage. List of books in the Gentleman Investigation Ivan Podushkin series:

  1. Bouquet of beautiful ladies.
  2. Turbid Water Diamond.
  3. Baba Yaga instinct.
  4. 13 misfortunes of Hercules.
  5. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.
  6. Inflatable woman for Casanova.
  7. Jerboa in curlers.
  8. A fish named Bunny.
  9. Two brides in one place.
  10. Turtle safari.
  11. Monte Cristo apple.
  12. Picnic on treasure island.
  13. Macho someone else’s dream.
  14. Riding on the Titanic.
  15. Angel on a broom.
  16. Goat snout producer.
  17. Laughter and sin of Ivan Tsarevich.

Tatyana Sergeeva is the complete opposite

Complete, both literally and figuratively. The heroine has nothing to do with Daria Dontsova. Tatyana Sergeeva is a dark-haired lady in the body, well-read and very intelligent. Married to Aristarkh Babulkin, an employee of a secret group. List of books in the Diet Detective series. Tatyana Sergeeva”:

  1. Old Christie is resting.
  2. Diet for three piglets.
  3. Yin, yang and all sorts of rubbish.
  4. Microbe without complexes.
  5. Piglet’s ideal body.
  6. Grandfather Snegur and Morozochka.
  7. The Golden Rule of the Three Puddles.
  8. Agent 013.
  9. Torn felt boots Madame Pompadour.
  10. Grandfather on the run.
  11. Shakespeare smokes on the sidelines.
  12. Versailles under Khokhloma.
  13. All sisters in the brain.
  14. Foie gras from an axe.
  15. Undercover bbw.
  16. A hippo’s dream came true.

How many pleasant opportunities to spend an evening – another reading a light, interesting and pleasant ironic detective story by a wonderful author. Enjoy your evenings in the company of Daria Dontsova!

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